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Hello there Michael, it's so funny but yet exciting to just, know you are about to have the biggest Smile on your face I am Charlene Marie Wilkins I found u and I am extremely over excited to Know you and the Martial Art family/business is like "Wooow,"!! growing loving and still Standing with the encouragment and loving faith and respect You have had and build in may.To be outstanding and love there self to also , make each and every one of the family including Me Feel comfortable and to know it's Ok to not be afraid of the talent that was all along in us . I know Michael because I was that student that trusted your strong dependent of a Teacher /father you we're to me ���. Techniques, self defense, sparring, weapon forms /techniques and the amazing very fun yet useful BlackBelt Club I joined and LOVE, you was always and Still are so awesome.

Lene W.

I've known and trained with KJN Mike and Kaori for 20 years. First class people, world class martial artists and gifted martial artists. Both my kids train here as well. Highly recommend.

Chuck F.

My son loves his classes! Great instructors who always teach them more than just karate. Love it! Highly recommend.

Veronica L.

MMAC is the place to be for the best martial arts education and lifetime experience. Your children will make friends for a lifetime, stay in shape, and learn wonderful skills. They will have the opportunity to train on form and technique, spar, and use weapons. The staff is amazing..the most caring group of individuals I've come across in a long time...they work with your children helping to mold them into respectful and caring individuals. Your children will learn how to set and achieve goals, and will have fun doing so. They also value an education and instill its importance with your children, along with the importance of family and respect for others. This is the BEST martial arts center!!!

Cynthia M.

My son absolutely loves it here! Michael is an amazing person who immediately makes you feel welcome. His instructors are the most patient people I've ever seen. They can handle Pretty much anything and they are kind to boot. I positively love this place!

Cassie C.

Best Kuk Sool Won dojo in Houston period. good teaching good teachers good service.

Javi V.

My son loves this place, he has been there for more then a year. I love the staff, very friendly.

Jocelyn L.

We had my son's Lego Ninjago (yes, I had to look it up too) themed fifth birthday at Meyerland Martial Art Center January 2015. Eric and his crew made the day incredibly special for my son and his friends and not to mention, very easy on me. The facility was all set up when we arrived, balloons and signs included. Eric ran a 30-40 minute class with the kids, teaching them kicks and simple karate movements. We had about 20 kids at the party and Eric made it a point to address all of them by name during the class (no name tags either!). I was impressed, as I had admittedly still not learned them all. After the class, Eric coordinated a few games with the group (relay races and duck duck goose). The kids had a blast and the parents were cheering right along with them. My son's shining moment came towards the end of the activities when Eric taught him how to break a board with a swift punch. My son literally jumped up and down with excitement when he broke the board! We had a large room for lunch and cake, which comfortably housed the entire group of adults and kids. Having been at many a party where I stood squished in a corner, the facility's space was a big selling point. The price is very reasonable for the facility and the efforts of the staff. We were extremely pleased with the experience!

Summer S.

My child is 8 yrs old and loves his classes and moving foward

Sandra U.

My boys, age seven now, have attended Meyerland Martial Arts for over three years and we cannot say enough good things about the instructors, the staff, and Kwahn Jahng Nym (Fifth Degree Black Belt) Mike, the owner and Senior Instructor. Classes are organized, well managed and run on time. Instructors are upbeat and positive, working with each student and encouraging them. And KJN Mike is continually present, meeting the parents and discussing the kids with them. Every lesson for the kids has Mike discussing respect for parents and teachers, good eating habits, doing your homework, and that sort of lesson, as well as the importance of working hard in class. We are disappointed to be moving away, but highly recommend Meyerland Martial Arts.

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