Martial Arts Programs Available In Houston

Kids Martial Arts

At Meyerland Martial Art Center in Houston, we combine traditional values of Korean martial arts with modern day training to give your child the fun, fitness and defensive techniques they'll need to feel safe and stay in shape.

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Adult Martial Arts

If you are from the Houston area and want to become a martial artist with a complete range of skills, then our Adult Martial Arts program will teach you EVERYTHING you'll need.

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Adult Fitness

Here you'll use snappy strikes and rapid-fire kicks to get an intense cardio and a core strengthening workout. This fat-burning workout uses elements of Muay Thai Kickboxing, resistance training and aerobic fitness training to burn up calories and blast away fat.

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Adult Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful form of fitness that can help you discover your limits (both physical and mental) and then transcend those limits.

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Martial Art Birthday Parties

At Meyerland Martial Art Center each birthday party is designed not only to be fun, but also to be educational. A trained instructor will supervise and coordinate everything to beginning to end. Each party is filled with specially designed drills and games making it possible for everyone to have fun while they learn basic Martial Art skills.

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