Houston Adult Yoga Classes

Beginner Adult Yoga Classes Enrolling In April

Transcend Your Physical and Mental Limits!

Yoga is a wonderful form of fitness that can help you discover your limits (both physical and mental) and then transcend those limits.

Vinysa yoga (referred to as Power Yoga) is the type of yoga we teach in Houston. Vinysa Yoga is a flowing style and gives you a total body workout with equal emphasis on upper and lower body. You'll do weight bearing exercise for strength, coordination and stamina. Plus your posture and breathing are will greatly improve. As you progress to higher levels the aerobic benefits increase too.

Yoga can help you:

No matter what your age, this program in Houston will give you a sense of peace, beauty and joy that cannot be explained in words. As you break through your physical barriers and limitations, your mental barriers will also melt away. Leaving your mind more alert, calm, efficient and open.

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Class Times:

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Benefits of Houston adult yoga

  • Restore flexibility and mobility
  • Improve circulation and breathing capacity
  • Enhance nerve and gland efficiency and stamina
  • Relieve stress and increases energy and vitality
  • Enhances your looks, posture, skin and muscle tone
  • Improve digestion, assimilation, and elimination
  • Plus, generate MORE energy!
  • Monday and Wednesday 7:00 - 8:00pm
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:15 -9:15am

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